Continuing Education Workshops for Mental Health Professionals

The Professional Development Network (PDN) is a New Orleans, Louisiana based mental health training resource specializing in continuing education workshops founded by Social Workers. PDN’s mission is to provide high quality programming at affordable prices. We utilize local professionals from a variety of disciplines to offer training at our annual CEU continuing education workshops. Aimed towards Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors, but also open to teachers, medical professionals and lay people, our courses span a variety of topics and offer exceptional resources.

Participants praise for PDN:

About Angie Wood

Really well organized, timed out and balanced, as far as material vs. practicing.

About PDN

The conferences were excellent yesterday.

Your presentations are always very professional and the information is very  useful.

I am so glad that I found out about Professional Development Network.

About PDN

One of the best ethics workshops I’ve attended!

About Stephen Phillippi

He’s a wonderful presenter very engaging.

Excellent speaker with lots of great information and a great way of delivering it.

Speaker was easy to listen to, engaging and interesting.

About Heather Zinna

Informative & enjoyable presentation!


Great information!

Very informative!

About Allison Durant

It was a very useful, interesting presentation.

Awesome Presentation! Great information! I truly enjoyed it!

Enlightening and excellent!

Great resources and skills to help people work through grief. Thank you!

Excellent workshop!

About Mimi Ryan

Fabulous presenter……So informative and well done!

About Marci Reichert

All of the exercises were much appreciated and needed! I’ve already ordered some of the things she suggested – thank you so much!

About Lauren Gehman

Lauren is so bright and knowledgeable but her sincerity and ease in presenting make her a really enjoyable presenter. She relates well with an audience and is engaging and easy to follow.

About Christina Roux

Wonderful presenter! Christina is very warm and sincere and connects well with an audience.

About Dawn Treigle

Dawn is an excellent and extremely knowledgeable presenter.

Excellent content/clear delivery/artwork. Best presenter ever!

Presenter was very clear and direct with good examples.

About Erin Dugan

Erin has a great depth of knowledge.  She is a clear and effective communicator who is engaging and thorough in her explanations.  I especially like how hands-on Erin is and her use of examples from actual clients.

About Mark Skellie

This was the BEST ethics workshop I have ever been to!

Great information! Very helpful!

Many thanks – great presentation with a nice twist on ethics.

The first time I really enjoyed ethics!



About PDN

Hands down one of the best workshops I have ever been to; the presenters were wonderful!

About Deena Gerber

Deena presented a wealth of useful information regarding the aging process with clarity and compassion.

The workshops have been great, as usual. Deena Gerber on Mindfulness was especially wonderful.

Information was very accessible and interesting and covered a wide range of issues. Handouts were excellent.